The Fair Work Commission has handed down the 2018 Annual Wage Review Decision. The federal minimum wage and all Award based pay scales will increase by 3.5%. This equates to... Read More
As part of the four-yearly modern award review process, the Fair Work Commission (‘FWC’) has been reviewing a range of matters related to casual and part-time employees.  The areas under review have... Read More
On 5 June 2017 the Fair Work Commission issued the decision finalising the transitional arrangements for the reductions in penalty rates. The reductions in Sunday penalty rates will be phased in, implementing on 1 July of each year, at the same time as the implementation of increases from the... Read More
Penalty Rates Test Case - 24 February 2017
The long awaited Penalty Rates Test Case has finally been handed down by the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission.  The decision is complex running to 551 pages and some matters have not yet been finalised such as what transitional arrangements will... Read More
Whilst the figures in this area are not always easy to obtain and they can be interpreted differently as well, it appears from the recent figures produced in the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Report that there has been a big spike in the amount of compensation paid to settle unfair... Read More
Christmas Shutdowns - 02 November 2016
Another year is drawing to a close and as is custom and practice in a number of industries, some businesses will close over the Christmas/New Year period. Your obligations in relation to this practice are provided in either he applicable Modern Award, an Enterprise... Read More
The complexities around adverse action claims are gradually becoming clearer as we get more and more decisions dealing with the issue. Adverse action/workplace rights claims can arise is a range of areas, but for small and medium businesses the areas we are most... Read More